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Step into Indigo Blue Kitchen and discover the history behind authentic Peranakan flavours presented in each dish.
Now located at SOCIEATY.
The Concept
Inspired by fond memories of a Peranakan boy growing up in his grandmother’s kitchen, Indigo Blue Kitchen is a tribute to and rediscovery of flavours of a bygone era. Gather in the company of family and friends, take in the restaurant’s soothing interiors and sit down to enjoy Peranakan dishes that have been carefully fine-tuned and presented with a modern update.
The Cuisine
Classic and comforting Peranakan favourites from our childhood, inspired by recipes from the matriarchs of old. Carefully fine-tuned and presented with a contemporary edge. Come and dine with us as we recreate the tastes, flavours and memories of yesteryear. Bringing back warm and fond memories of dining at home. 
“I recall my grandmother toiling in the kitchen, preparing the braised filling over a hot charcoal stove for hours. Each ingredient and condiment meticulously hand-cut, so that the family can gather around to enjoy this dish.
These are what memories are all about.”
Mr Desmond Lim
Chairman, Les Amis Group
Step 1
Carefully unfold an egg wrap onto your plate.
Step 2
Place a whole lettuce leaf in the middle of the egg wrap.
Step 3
Spoon a desired amount of sweet sauce, chilli paste & fresh garlic paste onto the lettuce use the back of your spoon to spread & mix the sauces.
Step 4
Next, place strips of cucumber, bean sprouts, eggs & lap cheong onto the lettuce.
Step 5
Take about 2 heaped tablespoons of braised bamboo shoot & turnip filling (squeezing out the gravy) & place it on top of the lettuce.
Step 6
Follow through by adding the rest of the condiments to your preference.
Step 7
Fold the sides of the wrap inwards whilst packing in the filling.
Step 8
Then roll the wrap away from you upwards until it forms a roll. we recommend using your hands.
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